About Cornerstone Community Church of Aurora, Colorado


Our Pastors


Pastor Don Kearby and Pastor Bob Mossman

Cornerstone Vision

"We envision nourishing each other in our journey with Jesus and inviting visitors to explore Jesus with us."

Cornerstone Purpose

"We encourage our people to know Jesus more intimately and invite newcomers to explore Jesus in their lives."

Cornerstone Mission

"The mission of Cornerstone is to include two common stories; believers growing in their faith in Him and spiritual explorers considering the claims of Jesus and finding the joy of faith in Him.

Our Denominational Affiliation

Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC)

The Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC) was formed in 1981 and is celebrating the years of service with an increasing commitment to ministering around the world for the Lord Jesus Christ. We commission missionaries to cross cultures and minister on our behalf by affiliating with mission organizations already set up and equipped to carry out missionary ministries. Our largest block of targeted peoples is Islam, focusing on unreached peoples, people without a viable, indigenous, and evangelizing Christian church movement among them. More details of the EPC can be found at www.epc.org.

Distinctives of the EPC include an openness and validation of all spiritual gifts with which the body of Christ has been endowed. Churches are encouraged to express these gifts as particular local fellowships are led. Women in ministry is an issue left to the local churches to decide. Church properties belong to the local bodies and not the denomination. The Word of God is held as the only infallible rule of faith and practice and is the foundation for seven Essentials of Faith we hold as those doctrines essential to all Christians and therefore base our fellowship with other churches on these Essentials of Faith. (See Essentials of Faith on this web page) Our motto is “In essentials, unity, in non-essentials, liberty, in all things, charity.

Cornerstone Community Church is a member of Presbytery of The West, consisting of 39 churches in twelve states.  A complete listing can be viewed at www.epcwest.org.

We humbly acknowledge that the purpose of Cornerstone Community Church can only be accomplished through the person of Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit in the life of each individual believer in the congregation. 

Pastors Don Kearby and Bob Mossman