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June 2018 (Our Service begins at 9:00 a.m.)

Sermon Series -"Summer of Stewardship"

Sunday, June 3, Communion Sunday  
"Overcoming Spiritual Blindness" John 9:28-41 
This is the climax of our study of the first half of the book of John. We will take a break from our study for the summer after this. Jesus challenges the Pharisees and all of us to make sure that we are considering the most important way of seeing, spiritual sight.  
Pastor Don Kearby
Sunday, June 10   
"Estimate the Cost of Stewardship" Luke 14:25-33   
This summer we will be discussing the topic of stewardship and this morning we want to estimate the cost. Our text suggests that we will need to give up everything to become Jesus' disciple - are we willing to count the cost and follow Jesus?  
Pastor Don Kearby
Sunday, June 17, Father's Day 
"Didn't You Know I Had to be in My Father's House?" Luke 2:41-51 
At twelve years old, Jesus spent time in His Father's house talking with those in the temple courts. He was a good steward of His time, and yet His earthly father and mother could not understand His great desire to make His time count for God.     
Pastor Don Kearby
Sunday, June 24,  
"The Great Value of Time" Ecclesiastes 3:1-11
One of the greatest commodities in our lives is time. "Time is money" is a business way of saying how much our time is worth. I suggest that time is even more valuable than money. In today's message we will look at the principles of "numbering our days" as the Psalmist says in Psalm 90:12. 
Pastor Don Kearby

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