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August 2017 (Our Service begins at 9:00 a.m.)

Sermon Series -"Summer of Surrender" - Romans 12:1-2"

Sunday, August 6, Communion 
"Hope for the Downcast Soul!" Lamentations 3:19-27
It seems counter-intuitive but the best way to find hope when we are feeling downcast is to surrender to God. We feel most out of control during these times and our instinct is to hold on to the control of our lives!  But Jeremiah, the author of Lamentations suggests that we move in the other direction and give up trying to solve the situation on our own. Surrender to the Lord lifts the soul!   
Pastor Don Kearby

Sunday, August 13,
"Rest for Those who are Weighed Down by Life's Burdens" Matthew 11:25-30 
Just like last week our tendancy is to fight through the heaviness of life.  But Matthew explains a different solution for finding rest in the weariness. Come to Jesus and surrender your burdens to Him.  He lifts the heaviness from your shoulders and replaces it with His light burden.  Want to give it a try?
Pastor Don Kearby

Sunday, August 20, 
"What One Thing will You Choose?" Luke 10:38-40 
The story of Martha and Mary is a fascinating one.  On one hand we see Martha's point of view very clearly - she is doing all the work!  On the other hand Mary is sitting at Jesus feet and listening to all of His teachings.  Shouldn't Mary be corrected for not helping her sister?  Actually Jesus suprises us with his answer here.
Pastor Don Kearby

Sunday, August 27 
"The Words of Eternal Life" John 6:60-69
Life has much to offer us.  We find beauty all around us in nature, in relationships and in the work that we do. Our hearts longing is to find significance and purpose.  Where will we find it? The disciples in this passage are asked  if they plan to leave Jesus and there answer provides a clue for the best place to find significance and meaning in our lives.    
Pastor Don Kearby

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