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February 2018 (Our Service begins at 9:00 a.m.)

John Sermon Series -"Exploring Jesus in the book of John"

Sunday, February 4, The Lord's Table  
 "The Miracle Which Calmed Their Fears!" John 6:16-21 
Fear is an emotion that all of us experience. Most of the time fear is a response to danger or a real threat. However, there are times when our fears are irrational and unfounded. In this story of Jesus walking on the water, the disciples are afraid because of Jesus' actions. See how Jesus calms their fear in this story.
Pastor Don Kearby
Sunday, February 11,  
"Hunger and Thirst for Eternal Nourishment" John 6:22-40   
As usual, people are in search of Jesus. Many of them had received a meal from Jesus when he took 5 loaves of bread and two fish and fed thousands of people. Now, they want answers and maybe another sign? Jesus responds by telling them not to search for earthly food and drink but to seek for spiritual nourishment.
Pastor Don Kearby
Sunday, February 18, 
"Jesus is the Bread Which Came Down from Heaven" John 6:41-59
Jesus shifts the attention of the crowds from the bread that they ate on the hillside and focuses it on Him. He claims unashamedly that He is the sustainance who came down from heaven; and that He is their greatest need for living an abundant life!
Pastor Don Kearby
Sunday, February 25, 
"You are the Christ, the Son of the Living God" John 6:60-71
What are we looking for? Many of those following Jesus were seeking signs and wonders to satisfy their curiosity. Jesus called them to a commitment to Himself and it frightened them. A large number decided to stop following Him. But the 12 disciples remained becaus no one else had the words of eternal life. 
Pastor Don Kearby 

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