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October 2017 (Our Service begins at 9:00 a.m.)

Sermon Series -"Exploring Jesus" - The Book of John"

Sunday, October 1, Communion 
"The Person Without Duplicity" John 1:43-51
We want to be people of integrity and to live consistently with the values that we profess. This morning we will consider a man who Jesus called, "a man without deceit," in other words Nathaniel was single-minded and consistent with the values that he claimed. Find out how Jesus pointed out this man's strong character.   
Pastor Don Kearby
Sunday, October 8,
"What Does it Mean to Save the Best for Last?" John 2:1-12 
Jesus performs His first Miraculous Sign at a wedding where His mother asks Him to help in providing wine for the celebration.  The master of the banquet recognized that the wine that Jesus gave was superior to that which the bridegroom had supplied.  This miraculous sign fits well with the purpose of John's book as the disciples put their faith in Jesus afterwards.  How did that happen?
Pastor Don Kearby
Sunday, October 15, 
"Believe in His Name" John 2:13-25
The Old Testament claimed that 'Zeal for His house,' would consume the Messiah.  Now Jesus is demonstrating that He has this zeal for the house of God. This passion caused some to be angry with Jesus but others believed that He was trustworthy and believed His message.  Come and explore His passion for God!
Pastor Don Kearby 
Sunday, October 22,
"The Source of Eternal Life" John 3:1-18
All of us wonder whether there is life after death. A man named Nicodemus believed that Jesus had been sent from God because of the miraculous signs that He had done. But Nicodemus wanted to find out more about the kingdom of God and so he went to Jesus at night.  Find out what Nicodemus discovered in his encounter with Jesus.     
Pastor Don Kearby
Sunday, October 29,
"Whoever Believes in the Son has Eternal Life" John 3:22-36
The spiritual search leads us in many directions, but John the Baptist points us toward Jesus, the Son of God and the only one who can offer us eternal life. The joy of the Lord comes from understanding and believing this truth.
Pastor Don Kearby

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