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September 2019 (Our Service begins at 9:00 a.m.)

Sermon Series -"For the Kingdom of God!"

Sunday, September 1, Communion Sunday
"The Kingdom and Food" Daniel 1:1-10 
The kingdoms of this world and the Kingdom of God are often not in sync. After Judah is captured by King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon, Daniel and his three friends are chosen for a leadership program. As a part of being chosen, they are told to eat food and drink wine from the King's table. Daniel finds favor with the steward, but a dilemma arises when Daniel refuses to defile himself with the King's food and drink.     
Pastor Don Kearby
Sunday, September 8,  
"Favor in the Kingdom of God" Daniel 1:11-21  
Daniel and his friends are allowed to eat a different diet from the other young people chosen for King Nebuchadnezzar's service. The result is amazing as not only are the four men stronger and healthier than the rest, but they are smarter and wiser. The Lord gives them favor for standing up for the Kingdom of God!         
Pastor Don Kearby
Sunday, September 15, 
"A Dilemma in the Kingdom" Daniel 2:1-11  
King Nebuchadnezzar has a dream which disturbs him and he wants a correct interpretation of it's meaning. He calls his magicians, enchanters, sorcerers and astologers to tell him the dream and then interpret it. The astrologers explain that no one has the ability to know his dream except the gods. Nebuchadnezzar refuses to tell them the dream because he does not want them to deceive him with the interpretation.       
Pastor Don Kearby
Sunday, September 22,   
"The King's Anger May Have an Answer" Daniel 2:12-23
King Nebuchadnezzar becomes angry with his advisors and plans to have all of the wise men of Babylon put to death. Daniel seeks audience with the king and requests time to explain and interpret the dream. There is new hope for lives of the wise men of Babylon.         
Pastor Don Kearby
Sunday, September 29,   
"God Uses Daniel to Reveal the Mystery of His Dream" Daniel 2:24-49
Daniel is given the ability to see Nebuchadnezzar's dream and to interpret it for him. The picture of a statue represents four kingdoms that will come and go, starting with Babylon. It is the God of heaven who reveals to Daniel the reality of the coming kingdoms.  None of them can last except for the Kingdom of God!        
Pastor Don Kearby

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