Sunday Worship Schedule and Upcoming Events

May 2019 (Our Service begins at 9:00 a.m.)

Sermon Series -"Preparing for the Sanctuary"

Sunday, May 5, Communion Sunday
"Breakfast with Jesus" John 21:1-14 
The resurrected Jesus visits His disicples who have gone back to fishing. He gives them advice to put their nets on the other side of the boat and the catch of fish is amazing. As the disciples bring the fish into shore, Jesus invites them to have breakfast with Him. The resurrected Jesus wants us to expect Him to join us in our everyday lives.    
Pastor Don Kearby
Sunday, May 12, Mother's Day 
"The Heart of a Godly Mother" 1Samuel 1:21-28 
Hannah cries out to the Lord to help her overcome her childlessness. The Lord hears her cry and gives her Samuel who becomes her delight. Hannah demonstrates a heart serious heart for the Lord when she dedicates the gift of her son back to serving Him in the temple.           
Pastor Don Kearby
Sunday, May 19
"Running to the Strong Tower" Proverbs 18:10, 2 Samuel 22:1-4  
Where do you run during times of trouble? The author of proverbs encourages those who are righteous to find safety in the name of the Lord. He calls it a strong tower. David also puts His trust in the name of the Lord as He calls to the Lord to be his stronghold and refuge.         
Pastor Don Kearby
Sunday, May 26   
"Tending His Flock Close to His Heart" Isaiah 40:11-14 
The Lord carries His people close to His heart. He tenderly leads His flock with knowledge and understanding. Who can question His love for the people of God and who can is bold enough to challenge Him? It is wise to receive from the loving care of the Good Shepherd.    
Pastor Don Kearby

Events Calendar

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